Miran Čeh

Project Leader "Characterization on the nanoscale"

E-mail: miran.ceh@ijs.si

The Center of Excellence in NS and NT is composed of researchers from various research fields and experience. Below are listed the project leaders from the CE.

Dragan Mihailovic

Head of the Centre of Excellence and the project “Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnology Facilities”  



E-mail: dragan.mihailovic@ijs.si



Darko Makovec

Project Leader “Synthesis of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites” More...


E-mail: darko.makovec@ijs.si

Aleš Mrzel

Project Leader Synthesis of 1D Anorganic Nanostructures, Bionanostructures and Preparation of Composites More...

E-mail: ales.mrzel@ijs.si

Janko Jamnik

Project Leader "Nanomaterials in Electrochemical Systems" More...


E-mail: janez.jamnik@ki.si

Igor Muševič

Project Leader "Nano Structured Surfaces and interfaces" More...

E-mail: igor.musevic@ijs.si

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Center of Excellence: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


Projects leaders


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Jožef Stefan Institute

Jamova cesta 39

SI-1000 Ljubljana


Prof. Dr. Dragan Mihailović

Head of the Centre of Excellence Nanoscience and nanotehnology

E-mail: dragan.mihailovic@ijs.si