Nanotehnologija v Sloveniji in na Inštitutu Jožef Stefan - Bibliometrična primerjava na svetovni ravni, november 2004


This case study has been prepared by Maja Bučar in the framework of a study carried out by Technopolis Group on behalf of the European Commision. Among 60 projects analyzed throughout Europe to highlight co-funded project results and success factors, but also different approaches of innovation in different contexts, different modes of governance of projects, partnerships, integration of projects in regional strategiesrole of ERDF etc—The Center of Excellence in Nanosciences and Nanotehnology (CE NS and NT) was recognized as a great example of good practice.


CO NiN was chosen as a finalist of the Regio Star Awards 2009





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Center of Excellence: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology




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Jožef Stefan Institute

Jamova cesta 39

SI-1000 Ljubljana


Prof. Dr. Dragan Mihailović

Head of the Centre of Excellence Nanoscience and nanotehnology